Web Screener Tells If You Qualify for Type 1 Study

People who live in the San Francisco Bay Area know that the University of California San Francisco is one of the premier medical research facilities in the world. UCSF has particularly distinguished itself in the area of type 1 diabetes prevention, intervention, and islet transplantation trials.

In fact, UCSF is so involved in studies of type 1 that it is continually on the lookout for type 1s to participate in its various clinical trials. To ease the process for applicants, the school has developed the “Type 1 Diabetes Study Web Screener.” The screener is a short online questionnaire that helps speed up the screening process by quickly determining which UCSF Diabetes Center clinical study you or a family member may be eligible for.

After processing your questionnaire answers, the screener lets you know which studies you may be a good match for. If you are identified as a potential research participant, a research team member will contact you to talk to you about the study (or studies) you might be involved in and give you details about them before you join.

UCSF advises that there may be certain tests you have to take to help determine your final eligibility for a study. If so, the research staff member who contacts you will discuss them.

Find out if you or a family member may be eligible for a UCSF Diabetes Center trial by clicking here. 

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