We Could All Learn a Lesson From Gary Hall, Jr.

I can still hear the voices and see the faces ofpeople telling me, when I was younger, thathaving diabetes would keep me from doingthis or keep me from doing that.

I can even remember believing them.

Have you ever been told the same thing?

Well, it’s not true. And if you need any proofthat it isn’t, look no further than the man onthe cover of this month’s magazine.

Gary Hall, Jr., is one of America’s top freestylesprint swimmers. Gary was diagnosedwith type 1 in March 1999-some threeyears after his gold medal glory at the1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Upondiagnosis, Gary’s doctor told him, pointblank, “It’s the end of your swimming career.”

Four years, two Olympics and severalgold medals later, Gary is still consideredAmerica’s finest freestyle sprint swimmer. Weare delighted that Diabetes Health had theopportunity to talk with him shortly beforehe left for Athens. See our interview withGary Hall, Jr..

New Section on Supplements

Do you take supplements to help controlyour diabetes?

I do.

And there have been many studies that saythey work.

Diabetes Health will be profiling aSupplement of the Month as part of ourFood for Thought section, explaininghow the supplement may help withdiabetes control and offering dosagerecommendations and any precautions. Ourfirst story provides a researchsummary of a number of supplements you’llwant to know more about.

An Insider’s View of the Glycemic Index

I have always been fascinated by theglycemic index. Over the years, in the pagesof this magazine, we have given it a lot ofcoverage.

Johanna Burani, MS, RD, CDE, an expert andauthor on the glycemic index, gives us ourmost in-depth coverage of the topic to date.Be sure to check out her article.

Don’t Miss Our Research Extravaganza

We offer our annual overviewof research from the ADA Scientific Sessions,which were held this past June in Orlando,Florida.

Check it out! How many other diabetesmagazines cover research on how camel’smilk may prevent type 1?

Here Comes Autumn

As the days get cooler and the nights longerin the next few months, be sure to buttonup your overcoat, take the earmuffs outof the attic and always carry your diabetessupplies—including fast-acting glucose—wherever you go.

Have a great September!

Scott King
Type 1, 29 years (and counting)

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