We All Scream for Ice Cream (and Other Goodies)

In late July, Sorbee International of Philadelphia introduced a full line of its sugar-free grocery products in hopes of enhancing diabetic consumer’s options.

“We’ve applied all of our flavoring expertise and consulted numerous marketing research studies among consumers with diabetes, in order to create absolutely the best-tasting sugar-free products available on today’s market,” says Elliot Stone, president of Sorbee International.

Some of Sorbee’s new “zero sugar” products are:

  • five varieties of cookies
  • chocolate wafers
  • pancake syrups and ice cream toppings
  • fruit-flavored jams and jellies
  • soft-jelly candies
  • a line of hard candies with “75 percent less calories”
  • peanut butter puff snacks

For more information about Sorbee’s line of sugar-free grocery products, call (800) 654-3997.

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