Walnuts Improve Lipid Values in Type 2s

Taken with a low- or modified-fat diet,Australian researchers say that 30 gramsof walnuts per day improve the lipidprofile of patients with type 2.

In a randomized controlled trial, 58men and women, average age 59 years,followed either a low-fat, modified low-fator a modified low-fat that consumed 30grams of walnuts per day. (Thirty grams isapproximately one ounce of walnuts, orabout 14 walnut halves.)

“The walnut group achieved asignificantly greater increase in HDLcholesterol-to-total cholesterol ratioand HDL than the two other treatmentgroups,” say the researchers. “A 10 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol was also achieved in the walnut group.”

There were no significant differencesbetween groups for changes in bodyweight, percentage of body fat, totalantioxidant capacity or A1C levels.

For more information about the healthbenefits and nutritional value of walnutsand for walnut recipes, go towww.walnuts.org.

Diabetes Care, December 2004

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