Walk, Don’t Run: Moderate Exercise Best To Lower Bad Triglycerides

If breaking into a run is about as appealing to you as breaking intoa rash, here's a bit of good news for you. Six months of moderateexercise, to the tune of walking about twelve miles a week, lowersyour VLDL (bad) triglycerides much more than a daunting twelve totwenty weekly miles of jogging on a treadmill.

And the effects lasteven if you take two weeks off.

To produce these findings, researchers out of Duke Universitydivided 240 overweight, middle-aged adults into four groups, one onthe long treadmill regimen, one on the short twelve-mile program,one on the walking regimen, and one that did nothing at all. Aftersix months, the group that did nothing saw significant increases inbad cholesterol. On the other hand, the group that endured thirtyminutes a day of vigorous running experienced increased levels ofHDL (healthy) cholesterol.

We all know the moral of this story because we've heard it so manytimes before. Nevertheless, it bears repeating: Get out there andat least walk about thirty minutes a day.

Source: Medline Plus
Journal of Applied Physiology,August 2007

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