Virginia Bartman

Diagnosed 1926 at the age of six.


25 units of NPH

3 Regular

2 Humalog per day

Blood-glucose levels

Tests at least five times per day.

“Since I live alone now, I like to keep my blood sugars a little higher-averaging 150 mg/dl.”


8%. “I think it’s a little high, but my doctor thinks it’s perfect.”


Still sticks to basic low-carbohydrate, high-protein and high-fat-the same diet she had when she was young.

“For breakfast I have eight individual corn flakes and a whole lot of milk. I count them. I tested it-I tried 10 corn flakes, and that was too much. So then I eat half a sandwich with iced tea for lunch. For supper I have meat and vegetables and iced tea and very seldom, cookies.”


Used to exercise every single day, but now spends all her time in front of the computer.


Had a stroke and went deaf in her right

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