USDA Food Recalls Update

When it comes to diabetes management, food is probably the most important component. What we eat affects our blood sugar levels, nutrition, weight, and feelings of satisfaction and well being.

But as careful as we are about our food choices, sometimes the people who supply that food are not as careful. Fortunately, government agencies like the US Department of Agriculture help protect us by issuing recalls and warnings about foods and food suppliers that fail to meet minimum sanitary and health standards.

That’s why we’re introducing this new feature, “USDA Food Recalls Update,” to pass along the latest USDA recall news as we receive it. The two latest recalls involve halal* beef samosa products from Texas and a turkey burger product from California.

In the first, the USDA has recalled approximately 3,300 pounds of halal beef product from Raj Foods LLC, a meat company in Houston, Texas. The recall occurred because one of the meat products in the samosa may have been produced in a facility that is not federally inspected.
The second recall involves Foster Farms, a Turlock, California, poultry establishment. The USDA is recalling approximately 15,000 pounds of a turkey burger product because of misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The product contains a seasoning mix with hydrolyzed soy protein, a known allergen, that is not declared on the label.

*Halal is meat that has been slaughtered and prepared according to Muslim law.

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