Urgent Support Needed for Type 1 Diabetes Legislation

Diabetes Health was curious to explore the progress of the proposed legislation to renew the Special Diabetes Program, also known as the SDP (H.R. 3668 in the House of Representatives and S. 3058 in the Senate.)  These bills would renew the SDP for five years. We were pleased to note that the JDRF’s “Promise to Remember Me” campaign, which aims to facilitate meetings between representatives and senators and their constituents in their local districts, has resulted in JDRF Advocates already completing over 300 meetings with members of Congress. 

In a post on April 7, 2010, Greg Martin noted, Because of these meetings, the legislation to renew the SDP (H.R. 3668 in the House of Representatives and S. 3058 in the Senate) has had some early success. Ninety-three House members and 16 senators have already shown their support by signing on as co-sponsors of the SDP legislation.”  Updated by Diabetes Health: 150 House members and 42 Senators. Refs

However, this is not nearly enough muscle. One can only wonder why more senators have not signed on.  If this reflects a lack of awareness or misguided priority, then legislators MUST hear from you – stories and more stories. That is the only way you can change the course of this imperative piece of law. Diabetes Health urges you to contact your senator’s office  to find out whether your representative plans to pursue this legislation as a co-sponsor and, of course, if not, why not. When you find out, we would be delighted if you would report back to us here at Diabetes Health. In fact, we may publish your communication if you would like us to. 

The JDRF is seeking help to accomplish 100 more visits to lawmakers in their home districts, in order to reach their campaign target of 400 by May 1, 2010. This endeavor has more value than the immediate task at hand, as it helps establish a relationship between lawmakers and the advocates who are seeking legislation in the long term as well. To find out how to accomplish this, visit the JDRF website at


Please make your voice heard  Your stories carry a lot of weight. Do not let them go to waste!

References: http://www.jdrftalk.org/2010/04/07/promise-campaign-provides-support-for-type-1-diabetes-legislation/

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