Urge the FDA to Reduce Barriers to Diabetes Innovation: Sign the Petition!

A long list of movers and shakers in the diabetes community has started a petition whose message is clear and simple: 

“We urge the new FDA leadership to recognize the urgent need for more safe and effective treatment options for diabetes and to reduce barriers to innovation. More treatment options will benefit patients. The disease is progressive. Delays in the availability of new treatments will only result in tremendous cost to public health and the economy. Our recommendation can benefit patients without sacrificing their safety.”

Please read and sign the petition and letter at www.healthefda.com.  

Tell your friends, healthcare professionals, and everyone you know. Diabetes affects everyone, whether they deal with it on a daily basis or not.

The goal is to reach 20,000 signatures by February 16, 2009. Your participation will help the petition surpass that goal.

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