Update On Mr. Universe: Doug Burns Arraigned in Court

Doug Burns, reigning Mr. Universe, was recently involved in an encounter with Redwood City police while experiencing severe low blood sugar; during the incident, he was handcuffed and clubbed by police who mistook him for inebriated. On May 2, 2007, Doug was arraigned in court on charges of assault and resisting arrest.

If the charges are not dropped, he will appear in court for a pre-trial conference on May 30 and a jury trial on July 2.  (All earlier dates conflicted with Doug’s previously scheduled speeches on behalf of diabetic children.) The District Attorney asserts that based upon current evidence, Doug was not in an altered mental state due to low blood sugar, although Doug has reportedly submitted substantial medical documentation to the contrary. Several diabetes advocacy groups have rallied to support Doug, who hopes that his current dilemma will contribute to furthering education about diabetes and hypoglycemia.

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