Up, Up, and Away

Now, doctors and patients can access all the information they need regarding the patient’s health with the InSight Professional. In August 2001, Disetronic Medical Systems Inc. of St. Paul, Minnesota, launched the online diabetes management program that allows users to create a personal database of their insulin intake, blood-sugar levels and more. Patients can upload information directly from their insulin pumps and blood glucose meters from their home computers.

InSight Professional is compatible with the D-TRON Insulin Pump using an infrared port or cable, but will accept information from most pumps and glucose meters on the market. Patients can also add additional information on exercise, carbohydrate consumption and a “feel-good” index for a comprehensive view of their health. The information is uploaded instantly and stored in a high-security database that requires a password to access.

The data is available for doctors to view immediately. The patient’s statistics are organized into a variety of formats: a profile, charts, graphs and reports.

For more information, contact Disetronic Medical Systems at (800) 280-7801 or log on to www.disetronic-direct.com.

Count Your Carbs

The CarbCheck, version 1.1, is a palm program designed to run on a palm organizer. It allows easy lookup of carbohydrate data for over 1,000 foods with the supplied database. Depending on the memory of your own palm device, you can add more of your favorite foods to the database.

This program is available free of charge and there is no registration or trial period.

For additional information or to download CarbCheck, log on to peachbud.mybravenet.com/carbcheck.htm.

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