Diabetes Getting You Down? Women Can Improve Their Inner Care by Focusing on Their Outer Beauty for a Day


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How would you describe a minor hiccup in your daily care that  just happens out of the blue, especially when just moments before, you felt fine and everything seemed perfect? That’s a ‘diabetes bad hair day’ according to Divabetic, a national nonprofit diabetes outreach organization, currently on tour with its free national diabetes outreach program, ‘Novo Nordisk Presents: Divabetic – Makeover Your Diabetes.’

The term, “diabetes bad hair day,” is meant to help divas affected by diabetes to keep a positive attitude about themselves and their health during these hard-to-cope situations. At ‘Divabetic- Makeover Your Diabetes’ diabetes education areas are presented side by side with a variety of free beauty and fashion services.

“It just felt natural to me to use beauty terminology to discuss an aspect of diabetes care, especially because were talking to women,” says Szadek. “There’s such a tremendous need now for us to make diabetes education appealing because so many more people are affected.”

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Caring and Sharing: The Makeover Maze Gets Women with Diabetes Talking

Max and the other Divabetic team members have the unique opportunity to have thousands of conversations with women affected by diabetes on the different aspects of their care at the six varied diabetes education stations called, ‘The Makeover Maze.’ The maze is the centerpiece of their diva brand of diabetes outreach and is staffed by teams of local and national certified educators. Women can visit all six stations as well as enjoy free spa and salon services throughout an afternoon of outreach. One education station particularly, called ‘Sweet Inspirations’, gives guidance to women which helps improve their attitude during tough times in their care, using personal affirmations and rewards such as spa and salon services. The goal of the ‘Sweet Inspirations’ station is to help women stay upbeat about their care as well as to learn how to set realistic goals.

“One of the many things we talk about in "Sweet Inspirations’ is how to cope with small setbacks in one's diabetes self-management.  Pampering yourself is a great way to keep your spirits up if you’re having a diabetes ‘bad hair’ day. I actually told one woman in Atlanta to look at a setback as an excuse for going to the salon. She loved that,” says Divabetic’s lead educator, Jessica Issler, RD, CDE.

A Positive Attitude

Taking better care of diabetes often demands changing behaviors. You need to have coping skills in place when you break down barriers and change your behaviors for the better. A positive attitude as well as a strong sense of confidence in one’s own ability to manage a difficult situation can make the difference in avoiding further health-related complications.

“No one’s making fun of these types of situations or saying they’re not serious. Calling it a ‘diabetes bad hair day’ helps everyone relax and realize they’re not the only one having these feelings,” says Szadek. “Many women have admitted to us that their diabetes can be really annoying. What’s important to me is that no one abandons their care routine because of this type of situation,” says Max Szadek, the founder of Divabetic. “The intention of a phrase like ‘diabetes bad hair day’ is to encourage everyone is not to give up. Instead, you just have to keep on keeping on!

So the next time you experience an unexplainable diabetes ‘bad hair’ day, don’t get down—think like a diva.

Phyllis Kornbluth, a recent type 1 attendee at Divabetic—Makeover Your Diabetes in New York thinks the phrase ‘diabetes bad hair day’ is effective. “ I think it helps other women like me realize you’re going to have good days and bad days. You can’t let it get you down. You just have to learn to roll with the punches.”

“If you focus on what’s going right versus what’s going wrong, you’ll going to feel more confident about your ability to manage your care. Remember, a bad hair day never stopped any famous diva from doing what she loves most or performing at her best. That’s our attitude, too,” says Szadek.

Novo Nordisk Presents: Divabetic—Makeover Your Diabetes are free diabetes outreach events for women. They’re coming to Los Angeles, CA (6/28), Washington DC, (9/27), Cleveland, OH (10/11), New Orleans, LA (10/25) and Miami, FL (11/1/08).

To pre-register or find out more on Divabetic and Divabetic Makeover Your Diabetes call: 1-800-634-8888 or visit: www.divabetic.org



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