Ultimax Socks Help Diabetic Feet

DIABETES HEALTH reader Jeffrey Davis works in a bookstore, which means he’s on his feet all day. He looked everywhere for a pair of socks that were both comfortable and safe for his sensitive feet. Since he wears specially made diabetic shoes, he decided to get custom-made socks. Unfortunately, the special socks cost more than $100 and were extremely uncomfortable. Then, Davis found what he calls the answer to his problems.

Ultimax High Performance Socks, manufactured by Wigwam Mills, Inc., of Sheboygan, Wisc., are designed for long-distance runners and other athletes, and are the official socks of the Ironman Triathalon. Called “blister-free sock,” Ultimax socks are thin, comfortable, and prevent moisture build-up.

According to literature from Wigwam Mills, “The patented Ultimax moisture control system actually channels perspiration and moisture up and out of the footwear where it can evaporate almost immediately.”

Davis, who had been experiencing vein breakdown in his feet before he found Ultimax socks, says, “The toe section is smooth, and they have a heel pocket to help you know exactly how to position the sock on your foot. They hold firm at the ankle, too.”

Ultimax socks are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. They come in a variety of styles designed for different sports, such as running and aerobics. Davis wears the hiking/outdoor crew style and says he pays about $8 a pair.

For more information, call Wigwam Mills at (800) 558-7760, or fax (800) 494-4926.

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