Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Type 2: Getting on Track with Diabetes

When our blood sugar numbers aren’t where we want them to be, it’s time to get on the ball. For me, getting on the ball means increasing the amount of exercise, dosages of natural medicine, and buckling down on a consistent and diabetic-friendly diet. It is easy to teeter back and forth between good and bad eating but when I realize that diabetes wreaks havoc on our organs and the fact that most diabetics die of diabetes-related conditions, getting on track is a no-brainer.

Perhaps the biggest and sometimes most difficult part of getting on track is eating healthy. Sure I know what’s good for me but often times, what is good for me does not taste good to me. Additionally, it is always a challenge when those in the house with you aren’t diabetics and stock the shelves with everything diabetics shouldn’t eat. I’ve come to the realization that the easiest way to deal with such situations is to just have separate grocery lists. Ironically, my mother-in-law who’s had diabetes for years has reversed her diabetes. Her past two check-ups have shown her A1C to be under 6.5. She has done this by avoiding the foods that I readily gobble down; make that used to gobble down.

Instead of grabbing a bag of Cape Cod potato chips and a couple slices of pizza for lunch, I’ve decided that tuna is a much better choice. Instead of drinking orange juice or a cup of lemonade to quench my thirst, I’m opting for freshly brewed green tea. And while it is hard to get back on a regimented workout routine, doing so will help ensure that I’m around for several more decades to come.



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