Type 2 Diabetes: All is Well With the Toenails

We all know that diabetes wreaks havoc on our bodies from our head to toe. Yet it is often our toes, the toenails in particular, that show the tale-tale sign of being a diabetic. Symptoms can include brittle, cracked, thickened, or discolored toenails.

I am sure that doctors and diabetic counselors would be quick to tell you not to go barefoot and to take care of our feet but toenail care isn’t often mentioned. All is well so far with my toenails but I know of several people who go to the doctor on a regular schedule to have their toenails trimmed. From what I understand, an accidental cut on the toe can spell disaster for a diabetic as infection can set in and lead to more serious problems. I’ve seen the pictures and have heard the stories of diabetics having to have toes amputated due to complications from diabetes.

Only time will tell, but the threat of amputation or a fungal infection of the toenails is all the reason I need to ensure that I take care of my feet and keep my glucose levels in check.

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