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Diabetes Health Type 2 : Blood Sugar Reality Checks Are Real

A finger stick can often serve as a reality check when it comes to fighting diabetes.  Sure, we may feel good but it is only when we see the numbers on the glucometer do we know what’s really going on inside of our bodies.  A 150 fasting or a 240 after dinner glucose reading will definitely serve as a wake- up call when you think that everything is okay.

My most recent setback was just last week.  I had been feeling healthy, had been cheating pretty good on my diet, but was brought back to reality, really quick, when my glucometer read 200.  Not good at all.  This 200 wasn’t exactly a fasting reading but it had been several hours after I consumed fruit punch and other non-diabetic friendly foods.  I was shocked to see that I wasn’t doing quite as well as I thought I was.  A combination of panic and disappointment set in and I knew that it was time to get on a game plan and stick to it.

While I don’t enjoy the finger sticks, I have come to the conclusion that there’s no better way to get a daily reality check as to how I am actually doing in my fight against diabetes.

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