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Type 2 Diabetes: Motts® isn’t just for Tots

Parents of infants and toddlers may be familiar with Motts for Tots® apple juice because of its low sugar content. Motts touts its toddler specific apple juice as “the perfect first juice for your little one” and notes that Motts for Tots® has 40% less sugar than its standard apple juice. The thinking is that less sugar helps promote healthy tooth development.

I am of the opinion that the “baby juice” as I call it, is not only beneficial to tots but for diabetics as well.  I didn’t set out to be a baby juice drinker though, it happened by accident.   After not finding anything in the fridge to drink one day, I spotted a nice cold jug of Motts for Tots® that my 18 year old daughter had bought for some odd reason.   No, she not expecting. At first I was skeptical of what watered down apple juice would taste like but then I realized that the beverage contains 54% juice, a stark difference from other juices that only contain 5% or 10% juice. I poured a glass and have been hooked ever since.

Sure, Motts for Tots® isn’t as sweet as regular apple juice but it helps keep my glucose levels low. An 8 oz. serving has only16 grams of sugar compared to29 grams of sugar that is in Motts regular apple juice.   It feels good to guzzle down a cold glass of apple juice and not have to worry about going overboard on the carbs. Motts for Tots®works for me and it may work for you too.



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