Type 2 Diabetes and Simvastatin

A South Carolina study indicates that simvastatin (Zocor), an oral “statin” lipid-lowering drug is a potentially beneficial treatment for the inflammatory reaction associated with atherosclerosis.

Twenty-six patients with type 2 diabetes participated in the study. They were started on a lipid-lowering diet and encouraged to exercise in addition to receiving Zocor treatment that was adjusted until LDL cholesterol levels reached 100 mg/dl or lower.

A1C levels remained constant throughout the study. There was a highly significant reduction in blood levels of immune complexes containing modified lipoproteins after three to six months of treatment with Zocor.

Levels returned to baseline after Zocor use was discontinued.

Researchers note this may represent an additional mechanism for the reduced incidence of cardiovascular events in patients treated with Zocor.

—Diabetes Care, April 2004

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