Type 1s Are The Idol to Millions

In recent history, can you think of a more popular television show than “American Idol”?

You would have to go back to the ’80s with The Cosby Show or even the ’70s with MASH. More people watch American Idol each week than any other TV show, and more people vote for its contestants each week than vote in national elections!

The reason I’m going on about American Idol is that this season not one, but two type 1 diabetics were contestants. Elliot Yasmin, 27, of Richmond, Virginia has been a type 1 since he was 17 and Kevin Covais, 16, of Levittown, New York, was diagnosed at the age of 10.

Covais was voted off on March 22, but at press time, Yasmin was still going strong. I congratulate both for being such an inspiration to type 1s everywhere.

Scott King
Type 1, 31 years (and counting)

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Don’t Get Stuck Without Your Kit!

I lost my diabetes kit while on vacation last year. It was a major inconvenience!

Both the insulins I take require a prescription (Lantus and NovoLog), so I was not able to purchase them at the local pharmacy. I was able to buy Regular and NPH insulins, which saved my life, but the action of these insulins doesn’t work as well for me. When you’re insulin dependent, any insulin is better than no insulin.

So from now on, whenever I travel, I pack a back-up kit in my suitcase. It is also good to take along a prescription for all of your meds too.

Here is a photo of both kits. The back pocket contains glucose tablets, extra lancets and syringes. I put the wasted strips in the zipper case for disposal later.

Five Things To Look For in This Issue

1. Denise Faustman Back in the News

We have good news about a possible cure for type 1. Researchers have replicated Denise Faustman’s research in mice and found that islets regenerated and type 1 went away in several mice without having to use spleen cells. Lee Iacocca is raising the $10 million needed so these studies can be done in humans.

2. Invasion of Privacy or Better Healthcare?

Columnist Nicole Johnson Baker writes about New York City’s new registry for people with diabetes.

3. Type 1 Murder Mystery at a Bookstore Near You

A few years back, we offered a serialized mystery with a type 1 hero. “The Canal Murder” is now complete and available at a bookstore near you.

4. Chocolate Bar Revolution!

There is now a great tasting chocolate bar that contains no sugar, no sugar alcohols and plenty of fiber. This is a first of its kind!

5. 11 Practical Ideas to Help You Lose Weight This Summer

Columnist Ann Swank, PhD, FACSM, offers advice for getting in and/or staying in shape. Her column this month couldn’t come at a better time because somewhere out there is a gym that we stopped using around the end of January.

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