Type-1 University Now Open for Enrollment

Introducing “Type-1 University” (T1U) – the online school for people with diabetes who use insulin, including parents and caregivers.  The school can be found only in cyberspace – at

T1U features a series of “higher education” courses for an often overlooked segment of the diabetes market:  those utilizing intensive insulin therapy (pumps or multiple daily injections).  Each 40-60 minute course is available live (via webex) or in pre-recorded format, accessible on any computer system or mobile device with internet access.  The courses include a dynamic powerpoint-style presentation with accompanying audio and video of the presenter, along with an opportunity to post questions directly. 

The T1U “faculty” is composed of Certified Diabetes Educators with extensive personal and professional experience with all aspects of intensive diabetes management.  All presenters use an approach that is entertaining, informative and practical.

According to Gary Scheiner MS, CDE, founder and self-proclaimed “Dean” of T1U, “This is nothing like a basic diabetes education class.  These courses are for insulin users who want focused, expert information on specific topics that are relevant to their daily lives.”

The ever-expanding T1U “syllabus” currently includes the following courses:

  • Mastering Pump Therapy
  • Advanced Carb Counting
  • Blood Glucose Control During Sports & Exercise
  • Weight Loss for Insulin Users
  • Getting the Most from Your Continous Glucose Monitor
  • Strike The Spike:  After-Meal Glucose Control
  • Hypoglycemia Prevention and Management
  • Fine-Tuning Basal Insulin

The benefits of diabetes self-management training and education are well-documented.   However, one of the major reasons people with diabetes don’t take more advantage of it is access.  Busy schedules, travel, parking, and out-of-pocket costs keep many people “in the dark” when it comes to the latest techniques in self-management.   T1U addresses the issue of access by making interactive education available from the comfort of one’s home or office.  Courses are offered at a variety of different times and posted online for review in a pre-recorded format at any time.

“Tuition” is on a per-course basis, and similar price-wise to most medical office visit co-pays:  $29.95 for live courses, and $19.95 for each pre-recorded course.  Participants may invite others to watch and listen with them; the fee is the same no matter how many partake.  In other words, a couple or entire family can enroll and participate for the same single-participant price.

For information regarding course schedules/descriptions, or to enroll for an upcoming class, please visit

T1U is produced by Integrated Diabetes Services LLC, a Wynnewood, PA-based practice providing diabetes education, management and consulting services worldwide via phone and the internet.  

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