Type 1 Kids Consume Fewer Carbs and More Fat than Nondiabetic Kids

Type 1 adolescents consume fewer calories from carbohydrates and more calories from fat than adolescents without diabetes, according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, who say this is a concern given the risk that type 1 diabetes poses for cardiovascular disease.

Researchers randomized 132 adolescent participants with type 1 and 131 adolescents without diabetes ranging in age from 10.70 to 14.21 years. Percentage of calories consumed from protein, carbohydrates and total fat; amount of each type of fat; and amount of cholesterol, fiber, and sugar were calculated as averages across three days.

“Adolescents with diabetes took in less total energy than recommended,” write the researchers. “The percentage of calories from carbohydrates and protein were within recommendations for adolescents with and without diabetes, but adolescents with diabetes exceeded the recommended fat intake.”

Diabetes Care, May 2006

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