Two New Tools for Diabetes Professionals

At the August 2003 conference of the American Association of Diabetes Educators in Salt Lake City, Utah, HealtheTech Inc. of Golden, Colorado, showcased two of its new products for diabetes healthcare professionals:

  • The MedGem indirect calorimeter
  • BalanceLog software

The MedGem device measures oxygen consumption and determines resting metabolic rate, which provides a basis for administering appropriate medical nutrition therapy.

The device is intended for the measurement of oxygen uptake in clinical and research applications only. This information is used for medically supervised weight management programs and medical nutritional assessment and therapy.

The software allows a user to integrate his or her personal profile information with specific weight management objectives to develop a personalized program that can monitor and manage nutrition, weight and fitness.

According to HealtheTech, resting metabolism rate measurements from the MedGem device can be incorporated into the BalanceLog software.

The MedGem device costs $2,495. Mouthpieces are approximately $10 each. A MedGem starter kit that includes the MedGem, 40 disposable mouthpieces, and 20 copies of the BalanceLog software sells for $2,599.

For more information, log on to (dead link: Sept. 2010)

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