Two New Oral Insulins on the Horizon

Emisphere Technologies Inc., of Tarrytown, New Jersey announced the results of three phase I studies for two new medications for the oral delivery of insulin. Representatives, who presented the data at Investor Day In New York City and released a written statement on September 7, said the trials showed that the drugs were successfully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and significantly reduced blood glucose levels in study subjects.

“We are extremely excited about the data from all three studies,” said Alan C. Moses, MD, chief medical officer and senior vice president, Joslin Diabetes Center, during the presentation. “Besides demonstrating insulin absorption in the gastrointenstinal tract, the studies were able to demonstrate a reduction in blood sugar levels. If oral insulin can be developed successfully, it will provide patients with diabetes a highly desirable option for insulin delivery that can be used early in type 2 diabetes and that can be used in combination with a single long-acting injection of insulin in type 1 diabetes.”

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