Two More Diabetic Herbal Remedies Recalled

Two more herbal preparations containing a blood sugar-lowering prescription drug were recalled by two California firms. The recall action came just two months after the FDA issued a warning about five other herbal products that contained blood-sugar lowering drugs.

Dianolyn Capsules, made by Diabetic Capital of Alhambra, California, and Dimelstat, manufactured by SciQuest Lab of Brea, California, were recalled March 22. The herbs were found to contain “dangerously high” amounts of glyburide, a prescription drug used to lower blood sugar.

“People who have low blood sugar or those with diabetes run the risk of serious or life-threatening complications if they consume these products,” an FDA announcement said.

Diabetic Capital has recalled all Dianolyn Capsules distributed prior to March 22. Both companies said consumers could receive refunds if the products are returned to the place of purchase.

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