Troubleshooting Insulin Pumps

Troubleshooting the pump system involves looking at your pump screen to make sure the appropriate basal is set, the appropriate bolus was given at the last meal and the time is correct. If all of this is working appropriately, make sure your syringe has insulin in it, and there is no leakage. Make sure the set is attached appropriately to your body, and the needle or infusion site area looks normal.

If there is any leaking, you should change out your syringe and tubing. If there is leaking or significant air in the tubing, you should also change out your tubing and syringe.

If your infusion site is red or irritated in any way, remove the needle set and place a new one in another area under sterile technique, ideally prepping your skin first with Hibiclens prior to needle insertion.

If your infusion set is crimped upon removal, you need to read the instructions on how to appropriately insert the set.

If you have a hematoma or bleeding under the skin at your infusion site, this is probably not significant unless your glucose is high or your skin is red and warm around the infusion site. Redness and warmth would suggest you have an infection.

If you find there is some other mechanical problem with the pump, you should call the 800 number on the back of the pump and ask for further help.

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