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Diabetes Health Type 1: Diabetes in the Movies

Moviegoers spent more than $95 million to see an adolescent Kristen Stewart get locked inside a “panic room,” act out hypoglycemia-induced seizures and come disturbingly close to slipping into a coma and dying before receiving a life-saving glucagon shot.

This …

AskNadia: Can I Use Marijuana to Lower My Blood Sugar

Dear Nadia,

Is marijuana used to lower high blood sugar? if so, does this mean I have to refrain from the munchies to get the benefits?


Dear Leah:

The new Marijuana industry is still at its infancy in terms …

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Late Bedtime Could Lead to Weight Gain for Teenagers

A new study indicates that late weeknight bedtimes could be a risk factor for teens becoming overweight. Researchers used data from about 3,000 American teens in the study. It was found that for every extra hour a teen stayed up …

Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes: Switching BG Meters for Less Pain

A Roche Diagnostics survey conducted in July 2005 found that almost one in four people with diabetes do not test blood glucose as they should.

According to the Omnibus national survey of 1,002 adultswith type 1 and type 2 diabetes, …