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Diabetes Health Type 1: Diabetes in the Movies

Moviegoers spent more than $95 million to see an adolescent Kristen Stewart get locked inside a “panic room,” act out hypoglycemia-induced seizures and come disturbingly close to slipping into a coma and dying before receiving a life-saving glucagon shot.

This …

AskNadia: Can I Use Marijuana to Lower My Blood Sugar

Dear Nadia,

Is marijuana used to lower high blood sugar? if so, does this mean I have to refrain from the munchies to get the benefits?


Dear Leah:

The new Marijuana industry is still at its infancy in terms …

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Late Bedtime Could Lead to Weight Gain for Teenagers

A new study indicates that late weeknight bedtimes could be a risk factor for teens becoming overweight. Researchers used data from about 3,000 American teens in the study. It was found that for every extra hour a teen stayed up …