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Diabetes Sentry for Nocturnal Hypoglycemia

Publisher Nadia Al-Samarrie speakes to Michael Russin / Vice President of Sales & Mkt for Diabetes Sentry Products, Inc. in New Orleans at the AADE.

Mike tells us how this hypoglycemia symptom alarm helps with diabetes Self-mangement and who benefits …

420: Cannabis Observance Day and Diabetes

By Nadia Al-Samarrie

If you are unfamiliar with the code language 420, it’s a sub-culture of people who observe and describe themselves as cannabis users on April 20th.

Personally, I don’t smoke pot but I do know people with diabetes …

Diabetes Health: Endocrine Crossword Puzzle Solution

If you would like to sign up to receive a weekly puzzle, please email In the subject area write “add me to your weekly word puzzle list.” If you would like us to create a puzzle for you and …