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AskNadia: I Drink Soda to Keep My Blood Sugar Up at Work

Dear Nadia, I have been a type 1 diabetic for 13 years. I work in construction, and it’s a physically demanding job. I am having trouble keeping my blood sugars up while working. It goes down fast so I drink soda to get my blood sugars up, but it won’t stay up long even though … Continue reading AskNadia: I Drink Soda to Keep My Blood Sugar Up at Work

AskNadia: Five New Year’s Tips

This article is for all the people who have reached out to me about the holidays’ and the challenges they face during a festive season. My Reminder to You It’s tough enough to make it through the holidays without gaining weight. People with diabetes face a bigger challenge with holiday parties and family gatherings. An … Continue reading AskNadia: Five New Year’s Tips

Breaking Bad Habits

When dealing with a chronic illness, especially one like diabetes that requires 24/7 attention, it’s easy to take shortcuts and fall into bad habits.  Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you might be drifting into a few diabetes bad habits: Haven’t changed your lancet since Bush was president?  Hopefully that isn’t the … Continue reading Breaking Bad Habits

Insulin degludec

Novo Nordisk’s new variety of long-lasting insulin, insulin degludec, reduces low blood sugars while improving overall control, according to a pair of studies published in the prestigious journal The Lancet on April 27. The phase 3 studies looked at 1,635 people and compared the new insulin with a standard insulin glargine. It appeared effective for … Continue reading Insulin degludec

Reproductive Cells May Eventually Treat Type 1 Diabetes

Imagine if there were a cure for diabetes that could be found inside your own body? Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of depending on durable medical equipment, we could one day heal ourselves? Researchers at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, have removed stem cells from the lining of a human uterus and converted … Continue reading Reproductive Cells May Eventually Treat Type 1 Diabetes