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Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Newly Insured Sicker Than Other Health Plan Enrollees

According to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, new policyholders who got health insurance under the Affordable Care Act were sicker than other enrollees. They also had higher medical costs and used more medical care than people who …

Conservatives Resist Their Party’s Plan

Just before the Republican-led Congress is set to vote on legislation that would redefine a full-time worker under the Affordable Care Act, conservatives are expressing opposition for their party’s plan.

The first major bill of the 114th Congress would …

Why Care Under The Affordable Care Act Will be Unaffordable

Several recent articles should dispel any remaining notion that care provided under the so-called Affordable Care Act will in fact be affordable. Just the opposite is true.

The Wall Street Journal reported that when physicians sell their practice to hospitals