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We Can Work It Out

Could it be that when it comes to diabetes and the workplace, honesty isn’t always the best policy?

That’s Jeff Dempsey’s stand on job hunting. And that policy remains in effect until Dempsey, a systems manager in Lawrence, Kansas, is …

Ready for a Makeover

At the August 2005 American Associationof Diabetes Educators Conference inWashington, D.C., BD Diabetes Careannounced the results of its D.C. DiabetesMakeover.

BD says that all three participants in theprogram “demonstrated that the teamapproach promoted in their DiabetesMakeover can lead to better …

How to Build a Wrap or a Sandwich

Thanksgiving leftovers can bereheated and enjoyed in theiroriginal form, or you can createnew healthy recipes by mixingfoods with lots of vegetables.

Turkey (arguably the most popularThanksgiving food and leftover)can be made into interestingsalads, soups and tacos. Althoughquick-and-easy fresh turkeysandwiches are …