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Diabetes Health Type 2: Being a Spokesman for Preventing Diabetes

I can remember hearing stories as a teenager of people having their toes, feet, and legs amputated, going blind, going on dialysis, and all sorts of other crazy things. The culprit? Diabetes. My typical response was, “I guess that it …

Early Detection–My Husband Tries to Avoid a Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

I worry about my husband. He was warned that his A1C test showed his blood sugars were slightly elevated at an Endo. appointment some time ago. He has been working hard with eating low-carb and daily workouts. He has managed …

AskNadia: Why High Altitudes Will Give You High Blood Sugars

Dear Nadia:

Why do my BG’s run high when I hike in higher altitudes?


Dear RU:

When you exercise in elevations your body is accustomed to, chances are you have a good idea of how your blood sugar will …