Toll-Free Hotline Launched

The holidays, although fun and festive, are stressful for many Americans; however, people with type 2 diabetes face a battle far more difficult than gaining a few extra holiday pounds.

People with diabetes have to deal with the added worry of maintaining healthy behaviors during a time that is synonymous with overindulgence.

However, in an effort to provide diabetics with emotional support and condition management coaching during this challenging time of year, Nutrition 21 is launching a live toll-free hotline staffed by diabetes educators.

People with diabetes can call the hotline — 1-877-PICK-330 — from Tuesday, November 14-Saturday, November 18 to speak with a live diabetes educator and receive a personalized assessment to help them manage their condition during the holiday season and beyond.

Note: Nutrition 21 is the maker of Diachrome, a nutritional therapy clinically proven to keep blood sugar and cholesterol in check when combined with prescription diabetes medications.

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