Tips on Exercise

  • Get a medical exam before you start an exercise program.
  • Exercising in the morning while the insulin level is low works well for most people with type I diabetes.
  • Exercising 30 minutes to two hours after a meal or snack works well for most people.
  • Prevent low blood sugars with slow carbs, such as athletic bars or protein-enriched pasta.
  • Treat low blood sugars with fast carbs, such as glucose tablets or dextrose candies.
  • Eat a protein/carb snack or a bar with slow-acting carbohydrates (Nite Bite, etc.) before bed after intense/long exercise or any exercise out of your ordinary range to keep your blood sugar from dropping overnight.
  • Regular exercise trains the body and stabilizes the blood sugar.
  • Always carry fast carbs with you as you exercise.

To learn more about exercise and diabetes check with your health care professional and read STOP the Rollercoaster, a comprehensive book on managing your blood sugars (available by calling 800-988-4772).

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