Tips From the Experts: Parents Offer Hints on Diabetes Care

Hundreds of responses came back when DIABETES HEALTH ran its survey on the popular children’s Web site,, asking parents for their favorite products and tips on diabetes care. Here are a few of the responses we received.

  • Lispro, by Eli Lilly, because “it works fast and is out of the blood system in two hours. Hypoglycemia is diminished, and a smaller snack is needed about two hours after mealtime. Also, since it works as fast as five minutes after injection, it can be taken right before a meal or, for small children, injected midway through or even after a meal to ensure that the right amount of insulin is given for the amount of food consumed.”
  • Solarcaine, because “it numbs sensitive spots and lessens the pain of shots.”
  • Palco’s InjectEase, because “it hides the syringe and makes it more like a finger stick so that small children are not as frightened.”
  • The B-D Pen (from Becton Dickinson), because “it takes the time out of filling the syringes before injecting, it’s easy to operate and there’s less of a chance of making a mistake on dosages.”
  • The B-D short needle syringe, because “our 4-year-old didn’t cry when we used this one. Also, make sure the needle is inserted far enough and straight, not at an angle.”

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