Time Life Video Provides Answers for the Newly Diagnosed

The unfortunate consequence of healthcare cost-cutting is that patients are often shuffled out the door without all their questions answered. Not fun for anyone, especially patients just diagnosed with diabetes.

To help people educate themselves, “Diabetes at Time of Diagnosis,” a new Time Life Medical educational video, offers answers to some of the diabetes basics.

The video features interviews with patients and medical professionals and is broken up into four segments: Understanding the Diagnosis, What Happens Next?, Treatment and Management, and Issues and Answers. Animation is used to explain the physiology of diabetes, terms are defined and basic treatment plans are laid out for people new to the disease. The message throughout is self-care and strict blood glucose control as a means of avoiding complications.

Also included in the $19.99 retail price is a 22-page color workbook which offers a summary of the tape, a glossary of medical terms and a list of phone numbers for diabetes organizations.

“The need for information about diabetes is evident by the fact that this is our number one selling video,” said Jim Arnold, Time Life Medical’s president of consumer products. He noted that the video is available at over 20,000 pharmacies nationally.

“Diabetes at Time of Diagnosis” is one of 30 educational videos produced under the guidance of former U.S. Surgeon General Everett Koop, MD, who now serves as Time Life’s Medical Director. For more information, call (800) 588-9959.

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