This Old Cub,’ He Played Ball!

If you read Diabetes Health, live in Illinois and love baseball, then you know Ron Santo.

The legendary Chicago Cubs third basemanand current Chicago Cubs announcer is thesubject of a new documentary film, availableon DVD, that was directed by his son, JeffSanto.

Called “This Old Cub,” the documentary was shot over a span of nine months as Santo was recovering from having his second leg amputated due to complications from diabetes. The film tells of Santo’s storied career as a nine-time All-Star third baseman and five-time Golden Glove winner for theCubs.

Santo, who was only the third Chicago Cubto have his number retired, was the firstopenly diabetic baseball player. He playedat a time when much less was known abouthow to keep diabetes in control.

Famous Chicagoans who participated in thefilm include Joe Mantegna (who narratesthe film), Bill Murray, Dennis Farina, GarySinise, Dennis Franz and William Petersen.Baseball legends such as Ernie Banks, FergieJenkins, Brooks Robinson, Joe Morgan, WillieMcCovey, Johnny Bench, Tommy La Sordaand Willie Mays also provide commentary.

Santo has been an active fundraiser for theJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation(JDRF) for the past 30 years and has helpedto raise over $60 million for the organization.

“This Old Cub” costs $24.99 and can beordered from A portion of the proceeds will go to the JDRF.

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