There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Hope Every Now and Then

I have always hoped for a cure for diabetes—who hasn’t?

For me it started the moment they told me I needed to take shots for the rest of my life—I was 17 years old. Of course I took my insulin, but I also searched for a way to get rid of this disease. I tried allergy shots and fasting, but neither helped.

Faith Healer Got Me Hopeful

In 1975 our neighbors told my mom and me that a faith healer was coming to town. Her name was Kathryn Kuhlman. The neighbors had attended her services before and “knew” she cured diabetes. That got my interest.

Ms. Kuhlman regularly pulled in more than 10,000 people to her services, many hoping to be cured of one ailment or another. I went along with my neighbors and sang in the choir. I had a good view of the goings on. Huge lines of people formed, then one by one they limped or were wheeled across the stage. Ms. Kuhlman would pull people up out of their wheelchairs as she healed them, and they would walk off the stage. Many threw down their crutches and walked off unassisted.

My Temporary Diabetes Cure

At one point, she pointed up at me and the 500 other folks singing with me and said, “Someone in the choir has been healed of their diabetes!”

Bang! I knew she was talking directly to me. That’s why I had come. I threw down my syringes determined never again to use them.

It was a great moment, and I felt so much joy.

On the drive home that night, besides being happy, I had to stop at every gas station to use the restroom. I was getting a little nervous that maybe the cure hadn’t lasted. When I got home, I tested my urine with a strip. It turned a very dark green, which meant there was lots of sugar. I got out my insulin and shot up immediately.

I Still Want a Cure

Though my diabetes was not cured that day, I did get a blessing.

I feel so very fortunate to have lived 30 healthy years since my diagnosis (knock on wood). And this disease has led me (with the help of my business partner and others) to start this magazine to help folks like you.

And I still want a cure! I still want to feel the extreme joy I felt that day when Kathryn Kuhlman tried to cure me.

And I want this for all of you, too.

Scott King
Type 1, 30 years (and counting)

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