There’s a New Snack in Town

The Diabetes Health staff recently sampled a new kind of healthy snack, and we loved them!

We were familiar with the Fuji Apple and Strawberry Crisps, but Brothers-All-Natural Crisps has recently added White and Yellow Peach Crisps to its line of best sellers. All are made with no added oil, sugar or preservatives.

They have also recently introduced Potato Crisps: freeze-dried potato chips that are 100 percent fat-free and contain only 35 to 45 calories per serving. The company claims they have absolutely no oil, fat or grease.

The Potato Crisps will be available in four flavors: Original with Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Sea Salt, Szechwan Pepper and Fresh Chives, and Fresh Onion and Garlic.

Brothers-All-Natural Crisps recently introduced potato crisps.

Brothers-All-Natural uses a freeze-drying process for their fruit that locks in nutrients naturally found in fruits and potatoes. Calories and some nutrients are reduced, since the foods are peeled and some natural sugars are removed with the water during the process. One-half cup serving of Potato Crisps has only 35 to 45 calories, while a half-cup serving of Fruit Crisps ranges from 30 to 70 calories.

Our tasters found a lot to like:
•    The individually wrapped servings prevent mindless over-eating and are highly portable – great for kids’ lunches!
•    Each serving has less than 10 carbs
•    There are no added oils or sweeteners
•    They disappeared from our kitchen in an instant—everyone liked them

On the down side:
•    They aren’t cheap. It costs more to use better ingredients. Our local Costco sells a box of 20 bags for $12.99
•    If you buy the box at Costco, you have to content yourself with 10 bags of Strawberry and 10 of Fuji Apple
•    The potato crisps (naturally) have less flavor than chips cooked in oil

You can find Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps and Potato Crisps at many retailers, such as Costco and Whole Foods, at Disney Theme Parks, and online at

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