The Secrets of Living and Loving With Diabetes’

Editor’s note: The following review containscontent that may be unsuitable for our youngerreaders.

Is “The Secrets of Living and Loving WithDiabetes” (Surrey Books, 2004) really filledwith “secrets” and advice that can help youlive more happily with diabetes?

You bet it is!

The new book by Janis Roszler, RD, CDE,LD/N, William H. Polonsky, PhD, CDE, andSteven V. Edelman, MD, offers realistic adviceon topics that are important but oftenconsidered taboo.

Sensitive Issues Made Easy

The expert trio of Roszler, Polonsky, andEdelman combines their broad knowledgeand years of experience working with peoplewith diabetes in this must-have resource.

“The Secrets of Living and Loving WithDiabetes” makes use of interactive activitiesand quizzes, discussion topics and personalaccounts to help readers find answers tosensitive topics.

The chapters are filled with a wealth ofinformation and practical, caring advice.Each chapter ends with two helpful lists:What a Person With Diabetes May Want Hisor Her Friends to Know and What a LovedOne May Want the Person With Diabetes toKnow.

Best of all, “The Secrets of Living and LovingWith Diabetes” offers a thorough chapter onsexual challenges affecting both men andwomen with diabetes. Here’s an example:
Susan and Tom were both frustrated. Lately,intercourse had become so uncomfortable forSusan, who has had type 2 diabetes for aboutthree years, that she dreaded each time Tomcame close. They discussed the problem, butall Tom could suggest were different sexualpositions that he found in a book. Susanrecalled reading about lubrication problems ina women’s magazine but couldn’t rememberthe suggested causes or remedies. NeitherSusan nor Tom had any idea that Susan’sdiabetes was the major factor keeping her fromenjoying their intimate moments to the fullest.

Pass It Along

“The Secrets of Living and Loving WithDiabetes” is well worth reading and keepingon your bookshelf. But before you put itup on the shelf, be sure to share it with anyyour friends or loved ones who also havediabetes.

You can order “The Secrets of Living andLoving With Diabetes” from Surrey Booksby calling (800) 326-4430; or, go to It is also available and other major booksellers.

Some of the topicsaddressed by theauthors in “TheSecrets of Livingand Loving WithDiabetes” are:

  • How to keep diabetes from dominating your personal relationships
  • How to prevent diabetes from interfering with your sex life
  • What to do about relatives who nag about your diabetes
  • How to motivate loved ones who ignore their diabetes
  • How to do selfcare in public without causing a scene
  • What to do in an emergency

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