The Scarlett O’Hara Effect: Just One Inch Off Your Waist Cuts Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

A French study, recently published in Diabetes Care, tracked theeffects of swelling and shrinking waistlines on risk of developingmetabolic syndrome (often considered a precursor of type 2diabetes).

A waistline expansion of a mere three inches over anine-year period increased both men's and women's risk of developingthe syndrome.

In women, conversely, the loss of only an inch around the middlelowered risk of the syndrome. And among women who already hadmetabolic syndrome at the study's outset, those who lost an inch ormore around the waist were nearly four times more likely not to havethe syndrome by the end of the study.

Unfortunately for theScarletts among us, however, compressing the waistline by wearing acorset just doesn't carry the same benefits.

Sources: Diabetes Care, July 2007
Medline Plus

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