The New Accu-Chek Nano Blood Glucose Meter

The new Accu-Chek Nano was approved for diabetes patients in January 2012, and distribution of the product began in April. Jennifer Aspy, the director of product marketing and operations, sat down with me at the American Association of Diabetes Educators to talk about the merits of this new medical device.

Nadia: Tell me about the new Accu-Chek Nano.

Jennifer: It uses the Accu-Chek SmartView test strip, and it holds 500 results. Feedback we’ve gotten on the test strip indicates that people really like it because it’s very easy to use.  All you do is place a test strip in and then place a small drop of blood on the strip (0.6 microliter). In five seconds, you’ll get your result. 
Steve Richert, a patient spokesperson and rock climber who has diabetes and with whom we have a fundraising partnership, mentions that having the LCD light up in the dark is great. Whether you’re on a mountain at dusk, in the theater, or checking your child’s blood glucose at night, it’s very easy to use.  In addition, you can mark your pre-meal or post-meal results to give yourself a better understanding of your highs and lows.

Nadia: Can you download your results to a computer?

Jennifer: Yes, you can download the data into our software, the Accu-Chek 360 software system. We also have a device called Accu-Chek Smart Pix, which uses a USB. We have partnered with Glooko, so you can use their IR cord because we use infrared on our meter, which allows you to upload your results to an iPad or iPhone.

Nadia: What other unique features does the kit have?

Jennifer: Let me tell you about the Accu-Chek FastClix, because this is our latest lancing device. It actually holds a drum of six lancets. You can dial the depth of your settings. With just one click, you can prime it and prick yourself. There is a lever to change to the next lancet in your drum. 

We really look at the product as a system, from the meter to the test strips to the lancing device. We even developed packaging so that it’s easy for you to open, take your meter out, and then put it all back in the kit. Healthcare professionals value this feature because they can easily put everything back into the meter kit and send it home with the patient.
The kit contains all the information a patient would need. We have a DVD in the kit that presents patient testimonials regarding how they use some of our tools to better understand why they got the number that they did and really engage more in the management of their diabetes.  We may be unique among meter manufacturers by including these educational tools in the kit. We actually did a clinical study to show that use of the tool can help to reduce A1C.

Nadia: Thank you, Jennifer.

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