The Need for Speed-New Fast-Acting Insulin Available for People With Diabetes

On September 18, Novo Nordisk Pharma-ceuticals announced that its rapid-acting insulin aspart (NovoLog) is now available in the United States.

According to Novo Nordisk, NovoLog has faster absorption, a faster onset and shorter duration of action than Regular human insulin.

“Regular human insulin acts more slowly so patients must usually administer it 30 minutes before eating,” says Novo in a September 18 press release.

NovoLog safety and tolerability was com-parable to regular human insulin in three large-scale clinical trials.

Novo says NovoLog is “indicated for the treatment of adult patients with diabetes mellitus for the control of hyperglycemia.”

In addition, because it has a more rapid onset and shorter duration of action than Regular human insulin, Novo advises that NovoLog be used in regimens together with intermediate or long-acting insulin.

“É Injection of NovoLog should immediately be followed by a meal.”

John Whisnant, vice president of medical at Novo Nordisk, says, “Hypoglycemia is the most common side effect of NovoLog, as for all insulins, but the frequency of nocturnal hypos may be less.”

NovoLog is available in cartridges for use with the NovoPen 3, Innovo and soon to be available in InDuo insulin delivery systems.

Spokespersons at Novo Nordisk say there is no data comparing NovoLog to its rapid-acting insulin counterpart Humalog, as no studies have yet been conducted.

Full prescribing infor-mation for NovoLog is avail-able by contacting the manufacturer at (800) 727-6500. For further company information visit www. novonordisk. com.

-D. Trecroci

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