The Loneliness of Diabetes

Until August 2006, I was a healthy 44-year-old female with no family history of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes has been so difficult, not because of the shots or management – although it is incredibly time-consuming to take care of yourself.

Diabetes is a lonely disease. People don’t realize that everything affects your blood sugar. If I had cancer, all of my friends would be around caring for me, at least by asking how I am. But because I look great and exercise, am a wife, mother and president of the PTSA, attend church functions and socialize, people don’t remember or know that I have a disease that affects every minute of my life.

Renée Draughon

Editor’s Note: Renée’s letter brings home one of the aspects of diabetes we need to talk about more: the social isolation that many people with diabetes feel. Does anyone have suggestions about what Renée might do to lessen her feelings of loneliness?

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