The GlucoWatch Biographer Gets Thumbs Up! Will Diabetes Health Readers Give it a Try?

I am a type 1 insulin-pump user and I intend to try the GlucoWatch as soon as it’s available.

Mike Long
Denver, Colorado


I will not be looking into using a GlucoWatch right now because it is [too] expensive. Although the idea of the GlucoWatch is fantastic, perhaps in the future when all the problems are worked out and it is reasonably priced, it will be beneficial to all people with diabetes.

Pat Shermer
Rapid City, South Dakota


I think I will give the GlucoWatch a shot. I am big into trying new diabetes management and methodologies. My endocrinologist is a clinical-trial fanatic, so he is all for the GlucoWatch. Its side effects are minor and it gives me a whole new set of data to look at. The hypoglycemia warning would be very useful if reliable, as I keep myself under extremely tight control [sub 6% HbA1c].

David Meriwether
San Antonio, Texas


Were the pads to last 24 hours, the misses/errors within 10 percent and not bothered by the exercise-induced sweat, which we should be inducing at least five times per week, then yes. But this product needs to mature before I even consider asking my insurance carrier to consider it.

Michael Walter
Long Grove, Illinois


Absolutely! I will buy the GlucoWatch. I think it is good that the FDA approved it. The technology is not yet there, but it is a start and this will only help technology improve to make a better product.

Jon Konrad
Greenwich, Connecticut


I will not consider purchasing the GlucoWatch because of the 20-minute lag time, expense of the pad and I am sure my insurance would not approve that item.

Annette Field
Chesapeake, Virginia


Although my last A1c was excellent [6.5 %], I would like to get a GlucoWatch Biographer to see what my blood sugar does in a whole 24-hour period. The averages that the A1c test provides are a good start, but knowing what’s going on the whole time would be nice.

Bill Eastman
Austin, Texas


At such an expensive initial cost, $5 per day for supplies, and a usefulness of only nine hours per day (after the three hour warm-up), I really can’t justify the GlucoWatch. And that’s too bad, because I’m really a gizmo kind of guy.

David Lindsey
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I have waited for years for this technology, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival on the market. Unfortunately, due to several career changes, I am currently without medical coverage and if I purchase one, it would be entirely my personal purchase. I would have to weigh the cost carefully.

Suzanne McPherson
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I feel the cost of wearing this device will be too high for many folks to use it. The cost of the pads will have to come down to around $1 before I would be willing to spend the money for the possibility of some added convenience.

Bob Urquhart
Chicago, Illinois


Yes, I will definitely use this watch. I have been waiting quite a while for it to be approved.

Robyn Goldstein
Brooklyn, New York


The GlucoWatch is not practical or cost effective to use. I feel like we have all opened this wonderful gift we were expecting, and all we got was a box of rocks.

Cindy Presson
Camden, Tennessee

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