The Future is Here

Palm Pilot people have formed a cultpage 2-like following around their miniscule computers. In case you are not a member of this group, Palm Pilots are hand-held computer datebooks, giving easy access to schedules, addresses, and other personal organizer files. Because it fits in your palm, it can be used anywhere.

Users say they would not be without them. They chat on Web sites about how wonderful their Palm Pilots are. A host of software packages has sprung up around this cult of enthusiasm for the Palm Pilot, including the GlucoPilot diabetes management program.

The GlucoPilot is an electronic log book that automatically adds the date and time when a glucose reading is entered. It can give instant analyses of all your glucose data, like other software, but with the Palm Pilot you can work on your diabetes management on the bus or the beach.

If the GlucoPilot seems like a yuppie dream product to you, think again. The most basic Palm Pilot costs around $100, and the GlucoPilot software is $29.

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