The FreeStyle Navigator Continuous Glucose Monitor is Approved in Europe

Across the Atlantic ocean, Abbott has received European CE Mark(Conformite Europeene) approval for the FreeStyle Navigator®Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for people with diabetes.

The Navigator uses a sensor that's worn for five days just under theskin, where it senses glucose in the interstitial fluid. The sensoris attached to a sensor mount, which adheres to the skin like apatch. The transmitter snaps into the sensor mount on the skin'ssurface, and it transmits information from the sensor wirelessly tothe receiver.

The receiver, about the size of a pager, receives the informationfrom the transmitter every minute. Using that data, it's able todisplay glucose values, directional glucose trend arrows, and rateof change. It also has high and low glucose alarms, and it storesdata for later analysis by the user or by a healthcare provider.Furthermore, it's got a built-in FreeStyle meter that's used tocalibrate the system.

Source: Abbott

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