The Federal Government Hugely Out-of-Pocket for Diabetes Care

In 2005, the national government spent more on diabetes than on theentire budget for the Department of Education. One out of everyeight dollars spent by the federal government on healthcare (twelvepercent of all healthcare expenditures) went to diabetes.

Of the 21 departments in the federal government, eighteen spentmoney on diabetes, and the total added up to 79.7 billion dollars. In one year.

The study, commissioned by Novo Nordisk, was presented at a meetingof the Congressional Diabetes Caucus, which is made up of 250lawmakers and is the largest caucus in Congress. The authors of thestudy reported that of the nearly eighty billion dollars spent in2005, only 3.9 billion were used for prevention and education.

Given that the number of Americans with diabetes is expected todouble by 2025, the authors urged those in power to get it togetherand put more effort into prevention. Because there is currently nohead on the uncoordinated body of diabetes efforts, the authors alsocalled for the creation of a diabetes czar to oversee theconglomeration of programs with diabetes-related responsibilities.

Source: Novo Nordisk National Changing Diabetes website

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