The Eocene System Makes Your Meter Into a Management Tool

Everyone knows that for meter manufacturers, a meter is simply ameans of selling a lifetime of strips. The Eocene blood glucosemeter is no different in that respect, but it does have somethingextra to offer.

The word "eocene" means "dawn of a new era" and the Eocene Systemintends to create that new era by enabling your meter results andusage to be tracked by various interested parties. Its goal, sayscompany CEO Bryan Sowards, is to "transform your meter from a meretesting tool into an affordable, proactive management system."

How does it work? You place a device called the Virtual Trackercradle on your nightstand, connected to your telephone. Wheneveryou like, you place your GlucoLab or Eclipse meter into the cradle,which automatically downloads all the test results from your meter.

Then, in the middle of the night, the Virtual Tracker sends offyour information via the phone line to a secure server that iscomputer-accessible by your strip supplier, your insurance company,and your healthcare team. Consequently, those parties can track howoften you test, what the results are, whether you need more strips,and whether you're really using all the strips that your insuranceis paying for.

The various parties can program your system so that they willreceive alerts whenever you cross over their pre-programmed triggerpoints. For example, if you have tested enough times to use upnearly all your strips, a message is sent to your strip supplier,who can then contact you about getting more.

Your healthcare providers can customize the system to notify themwhen your sugars rise above a certain average, or to send an alarmwhen your testing frequency falls below a pre-defined point. If yourtesting frequency and test results are above the level programmedinto the system by your healthcare team, the server sends you acongratulatory note. At some future point, you might even berewarded for good performance with bonus dollars or reduced co-pays.

The Eocene Virtual Tracker can also download information from theEocene blood pressure wrist cuff, allowing your healthcare team tomonitor trends in your blood pressure. And in the works is a weightscale that will communicate wirelessly from your bathroom to theVirtual Tracker on your nightstand. The scale will not only recordyour nightly weight, but will also sense and report hot spots onyour feet that are the warning signs of impending foot ulcers.

All your information is archived on the Eocene server forever. Ifyou yourself want to see the pie charts and graphs generated fromyour tests, you, like all the other parties, need only a computerwith access to the internet.

About 1000 systems are already in use, and the company has pendingorders for over 10,000 more. The Eocene System costs $99 wholesalefor the meter, four boxes of strips, and the Virtual Tracker cradle.Subsequent boxes of strips are only fifteen dollars. You can findout where to buy the Eocene System by contacting the manufacturer,Infopia USA, at 888-9EOCENE, or by visiting their websites at or

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