The Cure: The Slow Road to Hope

Talk of a cure has been around forever. Sometimes it seems as if the cure is a constantly receding dream, always ten years away or just around the next corner.

But there are breakthroughs happening all the time, and maybe one of them will lead to the long-awaited cure. That’s why we report on all the research as it appears, in the hope, albeit leavened with skepticism, that this time, this will be the one.

There are two basic arms of cure research. For information on the artificial pancreas, which is actually a treatment that depends upon a closed-loop pump/meter system, see Planting the Seeds for an Artificial Pancreas.

The other arm of attack is a biological one, in which islet cell transplant and regeneration are the key players. For background on pig islet transplantation, see Transplanting Islets from Piglets to Humans.

Stem cell research is explained in The Hype Surrounding Stem Cells. For an interview with a human islet transplant pioneer, see No More Diabetes.

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