The Atkins Foundation Funding


Albert Einstein College of Medicine
“Controlled Carbohydrate Registry Bank” – September, 2002
“Diabetes Dietary Study” – August, 2004
“Metabolic Impact Study” – August, 2002

Ben Gurion University of the Negev
“Dietary Intervention – Randomized Controlled Trial (DIRECT)” – August, 2004
“Dietary Intervention – Randomized Controlled Trial 2 (DIRECT 2)” – November, 2004

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
“Office-Based Low Carbohydrate Diet Intervention in Children” – August, 2004

Farber Institute for Neurosciences – Thomas Jefferson University
High fat diets in amyloid-plaque-forming mice and their effect on brain (Alzheimer’s disease) – October, 2004

Duke University
“A Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Very-Low Carbohydrate Diet vs. a Low Glycemic Diet for Type II Diabetes” – January, 2004

Johns Hopkins University
“Study of the Use of the Atkins Diet for Adults with Intractable Epilepsy” – September, 2004

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine
“The Potential Beneficial Role of a Low Carbohydrate Diet in Alzheimer’s Disease” (in both mice and humans)- January, 2005

Riverside General Hospital
“A Highly Restrictive Carbohydrate Nutrition Program for Individuals with Type II Diabetes Accompanied with Exercise Programs and Out-patient Support Programs” – June, 2005

Rogosin Institute
“Sensitivity to Fructose Induced Palmitate Synthesis in End-Stage Renal Disease” – August, 2004

Rogosin Institute / Rockefeller University
A Core Laboratory Facility to bank samples and create a database – June, 2005

SUNY Downstate
“A pilot feasibility study of a low carbohydrate diet in patients with advanced cancer.” June, 2005

University of Arizona
“Optimizing Diet for Weight Loss Success in the Individual Breast Cancer Survivor” – January, 2005

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Charles P Lambert, PhD endowment for his work on the study “Efficacy of the Atkins Diet in the Elderly” – July, 2005

University of Connecticut
“Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Flow-Medicated Vasodilatation of the Brachial Artery and Makers of Endothelial Dysfunction and Vascular Inflammation” – May, 2004

University of Southern California
“A Novel Nutritional Approach to Prevent Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in Low Income Hispanic Families” – September, 2004

University of Utah
“The Effects of Low Carbohydrate Diet on the Lactating Mother and the Nursing Infant” – January, 2005

Washington University
“Dr. Robert C. Atkins Professorship in Medicine and Obesity Research at the Washington University School of Medicine” – December, 2003

Yale University School of Medicine
“Effects of a High-Protein Ketogenic Diet on Myocardial Metabolism” January, 2005


Nutrition and Fitness for a Healthy New York
“School’s Based Program to Combat Obesity in the State of NY” – August, 2004

Trust for America’s Health
“Planning Grant for Creating a National Strategy to Reduce Childhood Obesity Through Public Health Action” – August, 2004

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
“Dr. Robert C. Atkins Professorship in Medicine and Obesity Research” – December, 2003

Sesame Workshop
“The Influence of Educational Media on Children’s Healthy Food Choices” – June, 2005

Source: The Atkins Foundation

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